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Hi James, I would like to thank you for stopping my smoking. I have smoked for 54 years and it was having an adverse affect on my health. All I wanted was a painless cessation and that’s what you gave to me. Thanks James.

Derek Hallick, Ealing

Some time ago I had some challenges which really affected my confidence. With Hypnosis and other techniques James has really helped me to regain some good positive feelings within myself again.

James Webster, Reading, Berkshire

I have been pleasantly surprised at how my cravings for Soy lattes have subsided considerably in the past few weeks, to the point that I could now take it or leave it!”

S.M.S., Philladelphia, USA

James is an outstanding and caring professional. He has helped my son with his anxiety immensely and is now helping me with my weight management. I could not recommend him more highly!

Cristiana, London

I was initially sceptical but now have a whole new appreciation. James has an easy-going manner which puts you completely at ease. I came to him to work on my bruxism (jaw clenching whilst asleep). After the first session the affect was immediately noticeable.

Patrick, Pangbourne, Berkshire

Until working with James I had a serious phobia of rats. I made a major breakthrough with James using a very comfortable process of techniques and hypnotherapy and it got me to the point where I could actually hold rats and play with them in a cage with no fear at all! I highly recommend James if you have a phobia or anxiety issues.

Charlie Sichel, Chiswick, London

After 1 session with James I stopped and not just stopped but I don’t even think about smoking let alone have any cravings. If you’ve been trying to stop smoking and haven’t managed it yet I highly recommend James.

Julie Kerr, West Hamstead, London

Working with James has made me think how relatively simple changes in the way I think about food can make it easier for me to lose weight. I’ve lost half a stone in two months, which I’m very happy with, and I don’t even feel that I’ve been trying that hard.

Caeredwen Gregson-Barneson, Gloucestershire

My sessions with James are having a quiet but noticeable impact! We have explored a number of techniques including hypnosis and it all works. I have started to lose weight but more importantly feel in control and not on a diet!

Denise Jacques, Yorkshire

This was my first ever try at hypnotherapy and not my last! James has a lovely calming presence and made me feel very comfortable with the whole process. He really helped me to cope with my anxiety on flying which was great as I had to fly to Australia. Highly recommended!

Maddie Burdett-Coutts, Brentford, London

James’ passion and enthusiasm for his job makes the whole experience enjoyable. He is highly professional compassionate and an excellent listener. He has helped me with many problems and I would recommend him most highly.

Penny Gordon, Hammersmith, London

After a few enquiries a friend recommended James and within 2 sessions with him I stopped. Just like that! I would recommend James to anyone wanting to quit smoking. It was an all round great experience.

Claire McKenzie, Ealing, London

I have had a few sessions with James for confidence. Some techniques have worked better for me than others but I can certainly say that it’s had a positive effect on me. Also we applied a technique for reducing stress and anxiety and this has an amazing effect on me.

Matt Stringer, Chiswick, London

I had been suffering with an eating disorder for years. After a few sessions of hypnotherapy with James I have noticed changes in my behaviour. This has been very rewarding and I feel like it has and is helping me move down a happier path! I recommend James if you are looking for a good hypnotherapist.

Ryan B, Ruislip, London

I noticed my anxiety was almost non-existent! Instead I felt calm and alert with a sense that I could handle it and fear appropriate to the situation. I am now no longer tense when I drive this specific stretch.

S.M.S., Philladelphia, USA

James delivers results. I was as sceptical as the next person, however the process was entirely tuned to my personal requirements (in this case: helping to boost confidence and supporting high sporting performance) and provided me a range of simple, effective methods to use that absolutely worked.

Adam Rivellini, Ealing, London

James helped me considerably to deal with some very stressful times relating to various medical and surgical procedures. He helped me to deal with and overcome my fears in a professional and sympathetic way. The techniques he employed were very successful and I would highly recommend him as Hypnotherapist.

Janice Capstick, London
Genuine client comments, kindly given in their own words, but please realise results can vary from person to person.

My Story

Around 15 years ago I began to develop a fascination with understanding the mind. And, after taking a degree in Psychology I started helping people make wanted changes in their behaviours and habits. I added a Diploma in Life Coaching to my knowledge bank and this helped me further. And yet even with this firepower to help people, I noticed that many people would make some progress but then fall back on old habits. I could help them get organised and motivated but they would plateau. I started to realise that all real and lasting change involves a change at an unconscious level. This realisation is what led me to study Hypnotherapy. 

I have a deep fascination with psychology and a real passion for helping people to make wanted changes. Since 2008 I have helped people to stop smoking, to become more confident and have a better Self Image. To lose weight or to prepare for a sporting performance. To reduce stress and anxiety. To relinquish fears and phobias. I truly believe in Hypnotherapy as a way of helping someone to make the internal changes wanted, so they experience more of what they want in life. Hypnotherapy is wonderful way of helping a person to change what matters, where it matters and get the results they want in a natural and healthy way.

My Qualifications

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