About James Brannan Hypnotherapy

Hello and welcome to James Brannan Hypnotherapy. I offer hypnotherapy sessions (one on one) to help you create the changes you want. Whether that's stopping a habit like smoking, changing unwanted responses or feeling or performing better. Through the effective use of Hypnotherapy and other relevant techniques, together we can make deep, lasting changes. You can see the areas I specialise in on the services page and find out more about hypnotherapy and how it works by clicking here

 My Story


It was about 17 years ago when I first became interested in Psychology and personal development. I remember listening to a CD by internationally acclaimed speaker Anthony Robbins. He talked about how we can change our beliefs and how, by doing so, we can change our results. Before this time I never even knew that our beliefs were changeable. Previously I thought that what we believed was set in stone and with us for life. I remember feeling encouraged and fascinated...I was hooked!

Since that time I worked as a tennis coach, a salesman and ran my own small business supplying company clothing. I endeavoured to employ the techniques laid out by coaches and strategists, always listening to their CD's and learning as much as I could take in. I learned about goal setting and motivation. How to instil new beliefs and visualise. However it took me some more years before I awakened to the reality that this was my real passion.

As you can see from my certificates, in 2008 I decided to take a 2 year Diploma in Psychology. This was my launchpad which enabled me to start helping people make adjustments in their psychology. A diploma in Life Coaching also added skills of listening and structuring client sessions more effectively. Courses in NLP and Hypnotherapy then really added further fire power to be able help people to make changes at an unconscious level. So now, through James Brannan Hypnotherapy, I offer my clients an array of interventions to help them make the changes they want. 

I have a deep fascination with psychology and a real passion for helping people to make wanted changes. Over the last 8 years I have helped people to stop smoking, become more confident and improve their Self Image. To lose weight or to prepare for a sporting performance. To sleep better, to reduce stress and to relinquish past fears and phobias. There have been a variety of other areas specific to the person as well. I truly believe in Hypnotherapy as a way of helping someone to make the internal changes wanted. So many challenges we have in life are challenges of the mind. And, Hypnotherapy is wonderful way of helping a person to change what matters, where it matters and get the results they want in a natural and healthy way.