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Hypnosis in Milton Keynes


hypnosis in milton keynes

Hypnosis in Milton Keynes

Are you looking for hypnosis in Milton Keynes? As you can see here, I offer a range of services from stopping smoking and reducing weight to changing habits and more. However, if you have something else that’s not shown here, please call me to discuss it. If you have something specific and you know what you want to change or improve, there’s a good chance that I can help you. 


Hypnotherapy works by taking you into a state of mind where you have less interference from your chattery conscious mind. Being in hypnosis means bypassing the critical nature of the conscious mind and getting ideas and suggestions into your unconscious realms. This really is how your mind works by the way. It’s as if you have you known self and it seems like that you is in control. And yet, there’s another, more emotional you isn’t there. That’s the you who pulls you away from your goals and stops you from making all the best decisions. using hypnosis, we communicate with THAT you and finally get messages across which makes the difference. 


James Brannan is a Professional Hypnotherapist with years of experience, now offering sessions in Milton Keynes. James will listen to you and understand your needs and wants and then tailor the approach to you. The best thing to do is to call James on the number further below or leave him a message. The map below shows the location to go to for sessions.    


Hypnosis in Milton Keynes...where exactly?

As you can see on the map, my clinic is in Shenley Church End, so not far from Milton Keynes train station. The clinic is in a nice precinct which means there’s lots of free parking! Click on the button below if you want to see the location page.  

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