Hypnotherapy for Confidence

What would your life be like if you had more confidence and higher self-esteem? Confidence is a feeling. It’s not something that we are or aren’t. We only start to identify ourselves as ‘a confident person’ after we have practised feeling confident regularly in a variety of situations. However, the fact that confidence isn’t who or how we are, but a feeling we can get ourselves to feel, means that we can change how and when we feel it. In other words, our level of confidence in any area is not set. So we can improve our confidence at work, in social gatherings and in whatever situations we need it. And, hypnotherapy for confidence is a great method of allowing you to generate and learn those feelings strongly enough that they activate more automatically within you more of the time.

Your Self-Image

How do you see yourself? The reason we lack confidence in certain situations or with certain people, is because of what we have TOLD ourselves ABOUT ourselves. After we have certain experiences, our mind does its own internal review and decides what things mean for us. This meaning creation is done automatically. And, if our mind attaches negative meanings to events, then we can find ourselves unnecessarily nervous in the future and starting to doubt ourselves. Until these negative self-judgements have had a chance to be re-evaluated and adjusted, they will continue to fire off in your mind automatically. Hypnotherapy allows you a chance to step back and re-evaluate destructive meanings you have created for things in the past and start seeing yourself differently.

How can Hypnotherapy help?

Hypnotherapy is a wonderful way of communicating with your unconscious mind. In a hypnotic state a person is more open to receiving positive suggestions and ideas which can influence the mind. Beyond this, your unconscious mind has, so to speak, all the code behind the scenes, which allows access to how you feel in any situation. Since it has access to lessons and experiences from your past, it can link positive experiences from the past with future experiences you haven’t yet had. Whether you’re looking to improve your confidence when meeting new people or for making sales or doing better socially or romantically, hypnotherapy can allow your mind to link the right thoughts and feelings wanted for certain upcoming events. Even if you haven’t felt confident before in certain setting and situations, a state of confidence can be created and linked to present and future happenings.

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