When you want to exercise, it’s because you have images and their associated feelings running in your mind and affecting how you feel. A person who finds it easy to want to exercise has positive associations to exercise. They say things to themselves that make them feel excited and ready to go. They associate pain with being lethargic and missing workouts and associate great pleasure with feeling stronger, fitter, leaner and healthier.

It's all about what you're running through your mind.

That’s it! It really comes down to your internal communication going on in your mind. The images, sounds and associated feelings. That’s what has you FEEL like exercise is either a pleasure or a painful chore. You know it don’t you? When you get into it, you start to feel the benefits and perhaps feel good as you look at yourself and notice you’re getting in shape. This then makes it easier to think more positive thoughts and imagine yourself going further. In time you then start to change HOW YOU SEE YOURSELF. I don’t mean your eyes change, I mean your identity related to fitness and exercise. And, when you start to see yourself as ‘the type of person’ who just keeps fit and in shape, THEN going to the gym or doing that exercise becomes an easy thing and you will feel a natural surge of wanting to do the exercise.

How can Hypnotherapy help?

Hypnotherapy is an effective way of positively influencing your unconscious mind. That is; the processes that occur without you consciously doing anything to make them happen. We can help you to condition yourself to think and feel differently. The mind is always linking things together and, with some work, we can help you link much greater pleasure to exercising.

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