Have you been through a lot of stress or heartache or difficulty? Have you had difficult experiences which have left you feeling tired out or negative or even depressed? Are you struggling to recover and get yourself to feel better about your life or about yourself?


There’s no single answer perhaps to recovering from hard experiences and you don’t need anyone pretending that they completely understand or telling you that they’ve been through that and more! Talking out your frustration and sadness can feel cathartic at times. In other words; like your somewhat ridding yourself of it all. But really, this probably won’t change the way you’re feeling now and the way you look towards the future.


This is where some work where you start to change the pain associations, still help inside with those hard events that have happened, can have a positive effect on you. Rather than just talking about bad things, we can work to shift out negative thoughts and feelings and start to move you beyond them as such. More precisely, what we can do is stop your mind from simply going over and over those painful thoughts and triggering feelings that you don’t want.

How can Hypnotherapy help?

Hypnotherapy is an effective way of positively influencing your unconscious mind. That is; the processes which occur without you consciously doing anything to make them happen. With hypnotherapy and related techniques, we can recondition your thinking so that you start to somewhat detach from the emotions linked to past events and more automatically trigger new positive feelings in association with your life from now. This doesn’t mean you lose your memory or lose anything important in any way. It just means we free you from having those painful emotions triggering consciously or unconsciously which only bring you down and wear you down.

Realise, humans are resilient and yet, what’s better still, is that you aren’t set in one state of thinking and feeling. Even if it feels that way now; no, you can make changes and you can feel better. It’s a matter of precise re-conditioning. I encourage you to open your mind and explore what’s possible.

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