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Have feelings of anxiety or been ruining your quality of life? Does your mind tend to ruminate over certain issues and have you expecting the worst? Did something happen which shocked you into fear of it happening again? Are you worried about something coming up in the near future? 


Hypnotherapy for anxiety can be effective in helping you regain a sense of calm and well-being. We can work to unpick those negative expectations and detach the negative images and self-statements you’ve been unconsciously using. Instead we can layer in positive alternatives and train your mind to look for and expect better outcomes. By doing this, it really does work and positively affects the focus of your thoughts. Your feelings then follow and you will feel more positive and optimistic.   



Some people experience anxiety building up over a period of time. For others it can be triggered within them from a sudden change of events or unfortunate occurrence. We tend to feel anxious when we feel out of control and unable to determine what happens around us. It’s like nature’s way of telling us “look out” or “be aware”. In a way there is a positive intention behind the mechanism, that is; to keep us safe. By being anxious, we are vigilant and attentive to things of priority in the moment. We keep alert and ensure that things are done so that we and others are kept safe and out of harm’s way.



And yet, if prolonged too much, anxiety itself can become a danger to us. Adrenaline and stress related chemicals are released into our bloodstream. And, if we stay too frequently in this mode we can develop negative conditions and end up suffering. Too much stress related chemistry in the body can lead to a sense of exhaustion, helplessness and even, if left too long, depression. Hypnotherapy targets the causes of the anxiety. Those automatic stress responses can be changed as your mind learns to think differently about the things that were causing them. You will find yourself more calm and centred and able to cope and feel good.

Hypnotherapy for anxiety near me...where exactly?

As you can see on the map, my clinic is in Shenley Church End, so not far from Milton Keynes train station. The clinic is in a nice precinct which means there’s lots of free parking! Click on the button below if you want to see the location page.  

How can Hypnotherapy help?

Hypnotherapy is an effective way of positively influencing your unconscious mind. That is; the processes which occur without you consciously doing anything to make them happen. Our feeling responses are triggered from within us as our mind makes connections about what things may mean and how we feel about them. So, essentially, anxiety is a feeling which is triggered unconsciously from things we have learned in our lives. Something can happen in our environment or just in our thinking which sets off an associated network of other thoughts and their related concerns. A state of anxiety can become conditioned into us and then activate seemingly at its own will.


Hypnotherapy is a way of allowing your unconscious mind to review these thoughts and their related beliefs and feelings and then make the much needed adjustments so that a person can start to feel a sense of relief from them. Your unconscious mind wants the best for you, but sometimes it may think that what’s needed for your safety is to keep you attentive to certain issues or worries. It may have become somewhat over-active despite it’s good intentions. Your unconscious mind needs to be instructed and supported, so that it can adjust its learned habits. Once instructed and given the right guidance, it can then find better ways to both keep you safe and yet do this while giving you much needed rest from the old worrying and stressing. 

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