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Losing weight is psychological. It’s about how you think about certain foods and how you think about exercise or activity. And, as long as your mind associates pleasure with the foods which have been making you overweight, losing weight can feel hard. However, when a person makes changes in these deep inner associations, everything becomes easier and better. The good news is that the mind can change these inner associations with hypnotherapy for weight loss. Given the right methods, your mind can start to get you to feel different about eating too much of something. You can still enjoy a food and yet learn to only enjoy eating a certain quantity of it. At the same time your feelings towards activity or exercise can start to adjust, allowing it feel much easier and more natural.


After all, think about how one person can really enjoy a certain food, in a certain quantity, that another person wouldn’t enjoy at all. They are both people. They both have the same physical functions. The difference is the way they think about that food or about that quantity. The other person doesn’t feel like they have to restrain themselves from eating it, or from eating too much of it. Their mind just tells them that they don’t desire it so much or at least more than a certain quantity. And, this is the very thing that can be changed in your mind with Hypnotherapy.

Weight loss hypnotherapy near you...where exactly?

As you can see on the map, my clinic is in Shenley Church End, so not far from Milton Keynes train station. The clinic is in a nice precinct which means there’s lots of free parking! Click on the button below if you want to see the location page.  

How can Hypnotherapy help?

Hypnotherapy is an effective way of communicating with your unconscious mind. And, your unconscious mind is the part of you that has learned and then stored the associations you have for food amongst other things. In a hypnotic state, the mind is more open and receptive to new ideas and suggestions that can help you make positive changes. In this state your mind is ready to re-evaluate old associations and make adjustments which change what you desire. Quite different from taking anything from you, it gives you choice and freedom. You are going to be in control more than before and have more emotional freedom to choose what you eat and how much. Contrary to just having willpower and battling against your inner self, using hypnotherapy means making those inner adjustments that make the whole thing easier to start and easier to maintain.

So what's next?

Please call me so that we can have a good chat about weight loss hypnotherapy near you. I can answer any of your questions.
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