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Welcome to my blog and thanks for your interest!

My wish for you is that you will benefit from a great deal of value through reading and watching and engaging with this blog. You will learn about Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis and begin to gain understandings that have taken me years to develop. You will also enjoy some free audio track hypnosis sessions coming soon to help you: relax and unwind, release stress and feel calm, rejuvenate your energy and feel more confident and happy.

First, allow me to start you on your way to applying Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy best for yourself. Here is the first part in a series of 8 video clips of an interview I recently filmed about Hypnotherapy. Watching these video clips will clear up misconceptions and allow you to start to know how to apply hypnosis to help you make whatever changes you’d most like. Watch this first part to hear my reasons for becoming really interested in Hypnotherapy.

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