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Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking

You have come to a point where you are looking at hypnotherapy to stop smoking. And, whether you have yet fully decided you're going to stop, or you're just gathering information, you have your own reasons for wanting to free yourself from smoking. Whether it's for your health, or to regain control over your habits, or to save the money or a combination of reasons. In any case, congratulate yourself for taking action and finding out how hypnotherapy works in helping someone to stop smoking.

Many people come away from a hypnotherapy session remarking that it was such a pleasant, relaxing experience. Some people don't expect it to be an enjoyable experience when they have Hypnotherapy to stop smoking. But it's is a proven and reliable way to really do the inner work necessary to make stopping smoking easier. And so, you'll probably be pleasantly surprised too. The next paragraph talks about some of the key determinants of whether a person stops smoking in the long term. Therefore, please take a moment to absorb this so that you start to understand why, when done properly, hypnotherapy is a very effective process.  


Why does Hypnotherapy help someone to stop smoking? 

You're probably aware that, to a large degree, the smoking habit is held together by a range of associations. What do I mean? I mean; you have a coffee....cigarette. Cup of Tea....cigarette. Pint of beer....cigarette. After a meal, first thing, last thing, around certain friends, in certain places or at certain times of the day. It's far less about nicotine than some people assume and more about the mentally held linkages to other things in our lives. It's these linkages that create a habitual response in you to feel a want or need for a cigarette when the linkage is present. And, these linkages are unconsciously activating at those times. Hypnotherapy will help you to change these associated links in your mind and, as such, 'deactivate' them.


Smoking will become something you no longer think about

There are a few other aspects which need to be changed to complete the process. You are more than likely to have some unconsciously held beliefs that have kept you coming back to smoking and we will deal with these as well. And, once complete, smoking will feel like something you once did, but just doesn't suit you anymore. Having hypnotherapy to stop smoking makes it an easier process for you than willing yourself to stop while all these factors continue to work against you in the background. Do yourself the excellent favour of allowing a qualified hypnotherapist, who knows what they're doing, to help you. 

My offer to you

I offer a 2 session approach because, from experience, I have found it to be the most reliable and effective. This approach allows a few days or a week in between sessions where you can continue to smoke. Meanwhile the initial parts of the process start to take effect in the background. The first session starts to lessen your attachment to smoking. During the time between sessions some clients report that they start feeling less like having a cigarette. By the time we reach the second session you will be ready to stop and on your terms. The second session then completes the process of detaching you from the habit and enabling you to feel great about it. These sessions, and the communication we have between them, form a thorough, powerful and reliable process. 


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What's next?

My satisfaction guarantee:

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If at any point in the future a client was to backslide to smoking again, I offer them a FREE power-charged session. This session will knock out any remaining associations or attachments which brought them back to it. It's rarely needed but good to know that you have a back-up guarantee included in a one-off price.

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