What would it mean to you if you could get good, reliable sleep?

Do you have difficulty getting to sleep at night? Or, do you fall asleep ok only to wake up after a couple of hours? Do you have disturbed sleep where you find yourself barely getting any deep and restful sleep? Whatever the case is for you, we know how important sleep is and how a lack of it can affect our lives. We can all cope with the occasional late night or shorter sleep here and there. However, prolonged sleep deprivation can lead to a whole array of unfortunate sufferings. And, if you have been struggling to get good sleep, then it could be time to get some effective help.

Sleep disturbance often happens when we are processing stressful or worrying thoughts. The unconscious mind tends to assume it needs to keep you in 'look out' mode. Our thinking creates our feeling. And, feeling stressed puts us in a fight or flight system where adrenaline and other stress related chemicals are released. Aside from stress and worry, sleep disturbance can happen due to an irregular sleep pattern where our natural sleep rhythm is thrown off. Whatever the case, we can make improvements. One thing is to ensure you are creating a pure environment for sleep where your mind associates that place with sleep and rest and nothing else. Another thing to note is, where possible, stay within a certain limit of routine bed and waking times so you have chance to establish regular and reliable sleep rhythms. Beyond this, if it's stress related, there may be some work needed to recondition your mind to process such thoughts at more productive times.


How Hypnotherapy could help you

Hypnotherapy is an effective way of communicating with your unconscious mind. That is, the part of you that holds your life's memories and allows you to process meanings and emotions in their endless intricate ways. It's also the part of you that holds the keys to calming you down and feeling more suitably relaxed and restful at night. And, as we work gently and safely with your unconscious mind, it can start to change how you process your thoughts. We can help you to manage your thinking and ruminating habits and allow you to have 'a holiday' from them where and when needed. It could be that we need to do some reconditioning of your mind so that you start to habitually respond differently to stress factors in your life. Or, it may be that we need to intervene in a pattern of worry based thought which has been automatically firing off at night. Either way, the first step is to call me so we can discuss your needs.

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