Do you get ahead in a match and then choke?

Does your belief waver and change game to game?

Does your focus come and go?

Once the physical aspects have been somewhat mastered, what enables a sports person to play to their potential is largely psychological. An athlete may have all the physical attributes, knowledge and skill needed to win a match or a tournament and yet still lose if they have a mindset that holds them back from using their potential. If you experience getting ahead only to choke and allow your opponents back in, you know it's not your body letting you down. Past mastery of the basics and physical conditioning assumed, the psychology behind your performance is, as you already know, an indispensable ingredient. And hypnotherapy is an effective method for making the wanted adjustments at a deep inner level.


How can Hypnotherapy help?

Hypnotherapy is an effective way of communicating with your unconscious mind. It can help an athlete to make the wanted adjustments to their deep inner psychology. This includes helping to guide and change beliefs so that any unhelpful beliefs can be weakened. And, positive, helpful beliefs can be strengthened and even new beliefs can be initiated and nurtured.

In a state of Hypnosis, the mind is more open and receptive to ideas and instructions about what is wanted for the future. The conscious mind is less interfering which means the mind is free to build new beliefs and effective thinking habits. The mind can be instructed, or in a way 'tuned up', to managing expectations, frustrations and challenges. New positive emotional states can be conditioned in and linked to future performance. And, the mind can, in a sense, pre-set itself to activate empowering, positive states when certain items in the environment are seen or certain actions are taken. There is so much that can be done to assist you in gaining powerful performance states and enabling you to perform at your potential. And so it's best that you call me on 0208 9919805 so we can talk and discuss your wants and needs.

  • Create the deep inner beliefs that support your best performance
  • Deal with stress and emotional challenges of high performance
  • Condition productive emotional states so they are there when needed
  • Allow your mind to use environmental triggers to activate a performance state

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