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In this busy day and age we are becoming more aware of the dangers of too much stress. Stress related illness has been at the forefront of news articles and we know that stress can have long term detriments to our health. But we suffer in the short term as well from the punishing effects of prolonged pressure. When we are under stress, our brain releases stress related chemicals such as adrenaline and cortisol. And, at times having some of this is good because it gets us going. We might call this "good stress". But if too much cortisol is present in the body for too long, it can start to have damaging effects.

It's understandable and even admirable that a person would want to push themselves and work hard. Many people have a very hard work ethic which is often ingrained and encouraged from a young age. Maybe you are one of those people. Perhaps you push yourself sometimes to the limit and have high expectations of what you want to accomplish or what duties you maintain. Yet there comes a point where we must stop and rest. It is so important to detox literally from an oversupply of stress chemicals before they have long term effects on us. By managing stress and pressure better, it is like providing an antidote or if you will an alkaline to an acidic formula.


How can Hypnotherapy help?

Hypnotherapy can help you to respond differently to what have been 'stressors' in your life. In other words things which have been triggering from within you a stress response. It has been recorded that stress chemicals are not released as things happen, but when we respond with a stress response. Hypnotherapy allows us to communicate effectively with your unconscious mind and change those negative responses within you that have become automatic. Once we have worked effectively together, you simply won't feel like responding as negatively. You will be conditioned to have more productive responses that you want. Finally, hypnosis is such a restful and relaxing state. By entering that state and practicing it, that in itself is a tremendous start to recovering you to more calm states of control and wellness.

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