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Do you need a hypnotherapist in Milton Keynes to help you make a change? Well; you’ve found one. My name is James Brannan and I’m a professional hypnotherapist with years of experience under my belt. I’ve helped hundreds of people change habits, overcome fears and addictions and to make improvements in their choices and behaviours. And, if I can help them, chances are I can help you. 


This page is to give you some background information about me and also, about hypnotherapy. The more informed you are about me and about what we can do together, the better. Please browse through and feel free to call me and ask any questions.   

Milton Keynes Hypnotherapist

Hypnotherapy works
...when WE work IT!


The reason hypnotherapy works (when done well), is because it works with the code that your brain runs on; WORDS. You speak a language and that language is a code that you operate on. The words and expressions you use to communicate with other people AND YOURSELF, unlock responses in your thoughts, perceptions, and, therefore your emotions. Think about it. Words ARE what you respond to and they form the operating system that you function on.


That’s why we can use words to make changes in how you think, feel, and respond. What’s more, is that your language is unconsciously driven. You don’t have to stop and think through every word you speak, you just flow. It’s your unconscious mind operating your flow of language and meanings behind all those words and expressions. Therefore, we can use words to make changes at the unconscious level.


What now?

Hopefully, you take from this brief description, some increased understanding as to why Hypnotherapy can work. The HOW it works is something that might take some more in-depth descriptions. You can find those in the second video on the home page and also by talking with me directly. I encourage you to call me because I can then answer any questions you may have and we can discuss what’s most pertinent to you. Bear in mind, we can apply Hypnotherapy and also other processes that work. My style is one which is flexible and I will bring in techniques and processes that I believe will help you the most effectively. 

So, if you’re looking for an experienced hypnotherapist in Milton Keynes, call me today and let’s have a chat about what you’d like to change or improve. Calling me doesn’t mean you’re obliged in any way to book sessions and so, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

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